About us

Bohemia Medical is a specialized medical devices distributor operating on the full territory of the Czech Republic.  Targeted specialties are diagnostic and interventional cardiology and radiology and related parts of surgical specialities with an extra focus on new technologies and procedures. Through similar or “sister” products part of the activities are directed into other (sub)specialities or areas such as haematology, OR accessory or PPE. Operating since 1994 the company has gained deep experience, contacts and relations with many decision makers and key physicians within and beyond these specialties. The company has state of the art know-how of local specific processes including product registration and regulatory compliance, reimbursement issues, fast custom clearance and local distribution flow, tenders, product feed-backing etc.  Bohemia Medical has its own dedicated sales force with over 50y joined experience in selling innovative medical devices to professional users.


Aside the Czech Republic the company is also able to cover Slovakia (through its fully capable partner company in Bratislava, capital of Slovakia, including local regulatory coverage & dedicated sales personnel). Covering both markets by a single contract with a single ship-to point is therefore an attractive option for innovative med-dev producers seeking an experienced distribution partnership in both countries.


Please note that we do not distribute OTC products nor any medical-devices to patients. Our focus is on hospitals and specialised treatment sites such as cardiovascular centres.

To contact us use: info@bohemiamedical.cz